WEBINAR DATE: Thursday, October 6


PRESENTER: Caroline MacCallum, MD, FRCPC (Internal Medicine), BSc Pharm  & Melissa Snider-Adler, MD


Health care professionals play an important role in promoting safe and responsible medical cannabis use. However, there is a lack of practical guidance on how clinicians can evaluate impairment in medical cannabis patients. Understanding a patient’s risk of neurocognitive impairment is an essential component of safe use.

This webinar provides a practical framework for clinicians to assess and stratify cannabis-associated impairment risk. The information presented is intended for clinicians managing patients and those conducting assessments to determine the risk of impairment – particularly in the context of safety-sensitive workplaces. Such assessments can inform patient-specific needs for support, education, and guidance, to ensure cannabis is used safely and responsibly


At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  1. Describe the difficulties with assessing cannabinoid-related impairment
  2. Describe the proposed framework for assessing risk of cannabis-related impairment in clinical practice and understand the key considerations
  3. Understand how to practically apply key considerations to a patient’s case
  4. Understand how to stratify a patient’s risk into lower, moderate, and higher risk categories based on patient factors

Registrants will be emailed the webinar link 24 hours before the event time