Complex Pain & Cannabinoid Clinician, Researcher, Educator

Complex Pain & Cannabinoid Clinician, Researcher, Educator.

Cannabis is a powerful tool in the integrative treatment of complex diseases

Cannabis has many mechanisms of actions and potential therapeutic targets. It can treat multiple medical conditions and symptom clusters concurrently, thereby reducing polypharmacy (including opioids) and unwanted pharmaceutical side effects.

I have known and had the honour to serve as a mentor to Caroline MacCallum, MD, since December 2015. In that time, we have had very frequent and in-depth interactions regarding every aspect of cannabis pharmacology, therapeutics, and drug policy. She has proven herself to be a highly intelligent and diligent clinician and researcher, who is also highly dedicated to patient care, medicine quality and safety. It has been a pleasure to refer patients to her and have the confidence that their needs will be served in an exemplary competent and ethical fashion by a compassionate physician who places the patients’ welfare in the paramount position.

Psychopharmacology researcher, cannabis authority, and faculty member at the University of Washington, a guest teacher at Harvard Medical School, and other academic institutions.

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