Dr. MacCallum collaborates with clinical, academic and scientific researchers to support the development of public health policy; indications for cannabis use and standards of care; resources for medical education; industry guidelines; and regulatory framework.

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EDUCATION – Resources for physicians, health care professionals, and medical cannabis industry representatives

MEDICAL LEGAL – Reports, expert opinions and testimonial for cases involving cannabis impairment, workplace safety, and disability

POLICY & PROTOCOL DEVELOPMENT – For government agencies; hospitals and care facilities; and health benefits programs

PRECEPTORSHIP & MENTORING – Clinical training and academic project supervision

I have worked in the Canadian medical cannabis space for the last four years and have had the pleasure of working with many different key cannabis opinion leaders. Dr. Caroline MacCallum brings a level of passion of caring for patients who have many times run out of treatment options for their chronic conditions. This tenacity to find solutions to help these patients reach their goals to be more productive and functional, is inspiring. My conversations with Caroline motivate me to learn more, do more and improve the care I provide my patients.

Clinical Pharmacist, Consultant, and CME Developer

I have known and had the honour to serve as a mentor to Caroline MacCallum, MD, since December 2015. In that time, we have had very frequent and in-depth interactions regarding every aspect of cannabis pharmacology, therapeutics, and drug policy. She has proven herself to be a highly intelligent and diligent clinician and researcher, who is also highly dedicated to patient care, medicine quality and safety. It has been a pleasure to refer patients to her and have the confidence that their needs will be served in an exemplary competent and ethical fashion by a compassionate physician who places the patients’ welfare in the paramount position.

Board-Certified Neurologist, Psychopharmacology Researcher, Medical Cannabis Authority