As a forward-thinking advocate for the needs of Canadians living with arthritis and related chronic pain conditions, the Arthritis Society today announced that it is leading the way by introducing a program and toolkit to help employers cover the costs of cannabis for medical purposes for employees through their company-sponsored employee benefit plans.

The Arthritis Society has worked with a team of well-recognized patients, physicians, benefits consultants and other experts in the field to help develop the program. As of February 1, 2018, the Arthritis Society is providing medical cannabis coverage for its employees, their spouses and dependents, under its employee health benefits plan. Under the program, the Arthritis Society will provide coverage up to $5,000 per year, which is a meaningful level of reimbursement for a broad range of health conditions including chronic pain.

Dr. Caroline MacCallum prescribing physician:

I am optimistic that other employers will follow the Arthritis Society’s lead by adopting similar, inclusive, medication benefit programs. This will continue to reduce the stigma of medical cannabis, and more importantly improve access and affordability for safe supply of medical cannabis for those living with chronic pain.

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