The most accurate cannabis dosings strategy uses mg of THC and CBD. This amount can be determined using the steps of the tool below. Knowing the calculated dose of THC and CBD in mg is important for tracking symptom relief and adverse events. Fill in the coloured boxes with the appropriate information to calculate the dose and daily dose in mgs. Product concentration of oils can be found on the product label.

Step 1: Know the product concentration

Enter THC product concentration into the blue box

Enter CBD product concentration into the green box

Step 2: How much are you taking?

Enter the amount you are taking in ml into the yellow box

Step 3: How many times per day?

Enter times per day into the yellow box

Calculated Dose

Here is your dose in mgs
Here is your TOTAL daily dose in mgs


* Positioning of the THC and CBD concentration on the label is not standardized. Ask your supplier if you are not sure. * If your THC dose exceeds 30 mgs over 24 hours, please contact your healthcare practitioner for further guidance.
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