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The interested physician will spend time with our cannabis counselors while they work with patients. They will learn cannabis 101, LP and strain selection, dosing, dosage forms, monitoring for efficacy and side effects. They will also touch on driving, travel,
cost and legal issues etc.

Following this the physician will then spend time shadowing Dr. MacCallum on an array of clinical cases to see the overall approach to a medical cannabis consult.

Finally, the physician will see follow up and new patients independently. They will see a spectrum of medical indications for cannabis. Each case will be reviewed with Dr. MacCallum to ensure a solid knowledge base, focusing on appropriate screening and detailed treatment

There will be an option of a 1 or 2 day preceptorship program.

1 Day program

2 Counseling sessions (observing patient and cannabis counselor)
2 New patients (shadowing Dr. MacCallum)
2 Follow up independently (reviewing with Dr. MacCallum)
2 New patient independently (reviewing with Dr. MacCallum)

2 Day Program

Day 1
Administration – secure fax, register, patient, office admin
4 Cannabis counseling sessions
6 New patients (shadow with Dr. MacCallum)

Day 2
3 Follow ups independently (reviewing with Dr. MacCallum).
3 New patients (reviewing with Dr. MacCallum).