Dr. Claude Cyr
Type of Practice:
Pallliative care, pain, geriatrics, mental health

Education Associations

Laval University

Professional Associations

McGill University department of Family Medicine


Dr. Cyr has been practicing family medicine in Quebec since 1996. He is a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University and participated as an Associate Researcher for the Quebec Cannabis Registry, the world’s first research database on the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

He completed his Family Medicine Residency at Laval University in Quebec city. His major clinical interests are in pain management, geriatrics, mental health and the use of cannabinoid based medicines in palliative and cancer care. He is the founder of Doctors for Responsible Access, an association of medical cannabis practitioners whose mission was to support responsible access to cannabis in light of legalization in Canada. His focus is on the conception and dissemination of judicious educational tools for Health Care Providers interested in the use of cannabinoid based medicines. He is a recognized cannabis educator and government advisor and is actively involved in supporting the role of pharmacists in having a primary role as medical cannabis providers in Quebec. He is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, the Canadian Consortium for the Investigations of Cannabinoids and member of Drug Free Kids Canada’s advisory council.


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