Dr. Mark Kimmins
Type of Practice:
Retired Surgeon - Health Care Consultant

Education Associations

UBC, Queen’s University, Swedish Medical Center, Royal College of Surgeons Canada, American College of Surgeons, American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Professional Associations

Self employed consultant – Mark H. Kimmins, MD


Dr. Kimmins has a long history of leadership in the medical world and is a board-certified specialty surgeon in both the US and Canada. Experience includes instructor of medical students and residents, director of surgical training, medical staff leadership, and member of hospital and corporate boards. Within the medical cannabis and psychedlic industry, he has worked as an expert advisor and consultant, as a Chief Medical Officer and Director, and as President of one of Canada’s largest and oldest medical cannabis clinics. He has given lectures across North America on cannabinoid medicine and is the author of the textbook “Medical Cannabis in Canada”. He is a dual Canadian/US citizen and has extensive work experience in both countries.


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