Dr. Michael White
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Unit 7
52 East Parade
Kingswood, SA 5062

+61 4 08559710
Type of Practice:
Behavioral scientist

Education Associations

University of Adelaide

Professional Associations

Australasian College of Road Safety


I conduct research on the risks of driving after using cannabis.


White, M. A., & Burns, N. R. (2021). The risk of being culpable for or involved in a road crash after using cannabis: A systematic review and meta-analyses. Drug Science, Policy and Law, accepted for publication.

White, M. A., & Burns, N. R. (2021). How to read a paper on the short-term impairing effects of cannabis: A selective and critical review of the literature. Drug Science, Policy and Law, submitted for review.

In my view, the war-on-drugs has influenced the way that the risks of THC-positive driving have been researched and reported. With the help of my colleague Prof Nick Burns, I have reviewed the epidemiological and psychological literatures on the risks of THC-positive driving. We conclude that the risks are lower than most people would assume.