Dr. Rob Sealey
B.Sc. M.D.d
818 Piedmont Gardens
Victoria, BC V8Y-2T2
Type of Practice:
Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist

Education Associations

Physicians for Medicinal Cannabis. Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. International Cannabinoid Research Society. International Association for Cannabis as Medicine


Dr. Sealey has been involved in both the clinical and research aspects of Medical Cannabis since 2001.
Numerous general practitioners and specialists across Canada have referred thousands of patients to Dr. Sealey for the consideration of cannabinoid-based management in conditions that have not responded to standard therapy.
Sensing a void in knowledge and misinformation regarding the use of Medical Cannabis in clinical practice, Dr. Sealey has travelled around the world as an invited keynote speaker at numerous public and professional events.


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