“There’s a huge stigma,” for people who are interested in using things like cbd in their recovery, says Caroline MacCallum, a doctor and the medical director of Greenleaf Medical Clinic in Langley, British Columbia, which helps assesses patients across Canada for their eligibility under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. She explains that some research has shown cbd is not addictive and notes that many addictions play on the brain’s reward system. cbd doesn’t do that. Since that’s the case, MacCallum asks, could it be as benign as an antidepressant? “Some people would say sobriety is zip, zero, nothing. But that’s a tough act to follow,” says MacCallum, adding that a person’s recovery journey is between them and their physician to decide. “I think it’s really important to treat the whole person, and if somebody’s struggling.…I would want to set [my patients] up to win.”

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