Initial Consultation with Dr. MacCallum includes:

  • Review of medical records, intake forms and validated questionnaires to screen for precautions, contraindications and drug interactions.
  • Consultation appointment (90 min. online) Review patient objectives; Discuss cannabis safety, cannabis dosing and routes of administration, and product selection criteria. Inform on risk vs benefit of medical cannabis and provide individualized patient guidance.
  • Summary report outlining information discussed during the initial appointment.
  • Coordination of access to legal medical cannabis, where applicable (identification of prescribing physicians and products)
  • Annual access to patient education resources (videos, handbook, and live group sessions)

NOTE: Consultations are for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by healthcare professional licensed to practice in the applicable jurisdiction. Private consultation fees are not covered by medical insurance providers.

PinnacleCare recommends contacting your insurance provider directly to determine specific coverage before scheduling an appointment.